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iFly Indoor Skydiving

How many people have “skydiving” on their bucket list of incredible adventures they once hope to experience?  Jumping out of a perfectly stable airplane thousands of feet in the sky is sure to fill that adrenaline thrill ride that many long for.  Others may prefer to keep their feet on the ground and stay away from towering heights that come with jumping out of an airplane.  Indoor skydiving is a great alternative for those looking for a similar experience to the traditional skydiving adventure.

Indoor Skydiving is basically the feeling of the flight experience without the parachute or airplane.  Simply harness up in the jumpsuit, grab a helmet and goggles, and experience the smooth column of air in the vertical wind tunnel.  This air is moving so quickly, that it can safely float a person in mid air.  No falling sensation or something that might trigger motion sickness.

Aside from indoor skydiving venues for recreational fun, indoor skydiving is quickly growing in popularity.  Competitions and championships are held around the world, and some are even crossing their fingers for indoor skydiving, or indoor flying, to become a part of the summer Olympics.  

The beauty of indoor skydiving is almost anyone can try it.  With the exception of a handful of health and safety concerns, almost anyone with reasonable health and fitness levels are welcome to join.  Even participants as young as three years of age!  Perfect for those of all skill levels, iFLY offers first time flight sessions next to certified professional instructors every step of the way.  Working next to you, the instructor will be guiding you and demonstrating techniques throughout the process.  

During arrival and check-in, you’ll be required to sign a waiver with iFLY.  Once completed, you’ll be ready to start the pre-flight training.  Catch a glimpse of others in the wind tunnel while you’re anxiously waiting for your turn.  Next, a certified expert guides you to the classroom for a pre-flight training session.  Here you’ll learn some fundamentals about body position in the wind tunnel and hand signals your guide will use during your session.  Gear up with a flight suit, goggles, helmet, and try to contain your excitement as you wait for your turn in the wind tunnel.  During the sixty-second flight experience, the instructor will be with you the entire time.  They will help guide you into the flight chamber and you’ll be floating through the air in no time.  There’s no doubt why this sport is growing in popularity, because once that minute is up, you’ll be hooked and can’t wait for another flight! 

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