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La Jolla Sea Caves

Make the most of a warm SoCal day exploring the sea caves in the marine ecological preserve along the California coast line.  Combining the perfect San Diego weather with some incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, you’re set to have a memorable experience.  

The La Jolla Sea Caves are seven caves along the sandstone cliffs, weathered by the high tide and forceful waves of the Pacific Ocean.  Each with a unique name, mostly so they can easily be recognized by lifeguards, most of the sea caves are only accessible through the water.  Located from west to east, the caves are knowns as Clam’s Cave, Sunny Jim Cave, Arch Cave, Sea Surprize, Shopping Cart, Little Sister, and White Lady. 

Originally, these caves were mostly used to provide shelter to pirates in the 1800s.  Today, we have the chance to explore these caves and spot more wildlife than pirates! 

The most popular way to explore the caves is through a kayak tour. However, one of the caves is accessible by land.  Make your way through a tiny gift shop in La Jolla, and for about the same price as your morning cup of specialty coffee, journey through the incredible cave.  Open to the public since 1903, visitors can take the 143 steps through the man-made tunnel to experience one of the most popular tourist attractions in La Jolla.  The dark, slightly mysterious feel of the tunnel is exciting for anyone, but be sure to come prepared with a good pair of walking shoes, as the floor is sometimes damp and slippery.   The remaining six caves are only accessible by water, and the most popular option is a kayak tour.  La Jolla Sea Caves Kayaks offers a ninety minute kayak tour exploring the Pacific Ocean, and of course, the sea caves.  Here you will have the chance to spot marine life such as spotted leopard sharks and bright orange Garibaldi fish.  Guided by a professional Level 5 Sea Kayak Coach, the tour begins with a brief orientation of basic kayaking fundamentals and safety precautions. Next, hop in to your kayak and follow the guide along the beautiful coastline of Southern California.  

After the kayak adventure, be sure to check out some of the local’s favorite places to eat.  Cody’s La Jolla on Girard Avenue serves breakfast and lunch using fresh ingredients and creativity that you won’t want to miss.  From French toast with candied walnuts, strawberries, and mascarpone honey butter, to the famous Cody’s Burger with grass-fed beef, aged white cheddar, and onion jam, the menu will make you hungry just reading it! You can’t go wrong with pizza, and you’ll find some of the best of it at Wheat and Water on La Jolla Boulevard.  With fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, the wood-fired pizza has all the locals talking.  Next time you’re down in the beautiful beaches of Southern California.  Stop by La Jolla and experience the incredible sea caves and wonders of the Pacific Ocean.  

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