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Congratulations Natalie, from Yucca Valley–  winner of this week’s Sea Creature Sidewalk Chalk Contest!

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Pier 39 in San Francisco


Sea lions, aquariums, exciting mazes and rides, countless choices of places to eat or shop – you really cannot go wrong while visiting Pier 39 in San Francisco.  A San Francisco icon, Pier 39 is an outdoor plaza of restaurants and shops, full of attractions and entertainment, right on the beautiful bay of San Francisco.  

You will definitely have to check out the sea lions who call Pier 39 West Marina their home. Shortly after the earthquake that hit San Francisco in 1989, hundreds of sea lions began to take over the K-Dock Marina.  With guidance and advice from experts at The Marine Mammal Center, they decided to let the sea lions stay in their new home.  At one point in 2009, over 1,700 sea lions were accounted for at the marina!  The amount of sea lions found today can vary by the seasons and migration patterns.   Stop by the Sea Lion Center to learn more about the sea lions with displays, videos, and presentations or you can visit https://www.pier39.com/the-sea-lion-story/sea-lion-webcam/ to watch a live feed of what those pinnipeds are up to right now!  

Explore the incredible world beneath the surface at the Aquarium of the Bay featuring 20,000 amazing sea creatures.  The Aquarium of the Bay is a must see attraction at Pier 39, especially with young children.  The Aquarium of the Bay showcases a variety of exhibits including two touchpools, where you can experience the wonder of the San Francisco Bay literally at your fingertips.  Get ready for a hands-on experiences with sea stars, bat rays, and even sharks!  Naturalists are throughout the aquarium welcoming questions and holding presentations, so check out the website for demonstrations and feeding times that you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget your camera too, so you can catch those photo ops during the interactive activities. 

During your visit to Pier 39, the entertainment and attraction choices are endless.  The Blue and Gold Fleet offers sightseeing cruises, including the “Escape From the Rock” Tour.  Journey around the infamous island of Alcatraz and cruise under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge while learning more about the stories of what life was like in the prison.  Stop by the 7D Experience for chance to cool off and sit down while experiencing a massive movie screen complete with the latest and greatest 3D technology and moving chairs, or dare to take the challenge of Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze. This psychedelic, brightly colored maze is full of mirrors, exciting music, twists, turns and dead ends until you make your way to the end.  Enjoy the free live performances by some talented performers such as comedians, magicians, musicians, and more.  Performances are scheduled daily and can be found at https://www.pier39.com/pier-39-street-performers/ and https://www.pier39.com/pier-39-musicians/.  Even create your own music at the Musical Stairs, Pier 39’s interactive art exhibit. Walk up and down, hop and skip to create a musical masterpiece. Take out your camera because with all the marine life, boats and yachts on the water, or scenic views of the horizon, there will be many opportunities to channel the inner photographer. 

After the entertainment and fun, you will have definitely worked up an appetite.  Pier 39 is overflowing with restaurants, eateries, snack shops, and treats. Of course, the supply of fresh seafood is rich and the Fog Harbor Fish House even offers a 100% sustainable seafood menu. The popular Pier Market Seafood Restaurant provides portable charging stations for those cell phone batteries running on empty and complimentary WiFi.  After lunch, be sure to check out Doughp (pronouced like “dope”) for a scoop of edible, delicious cookie dough!

If you’re interested in visiting many of the attractions offered at Pier 39, check out a Pier 39 Attraction Pass for an all access pass to many popular attractions in the area! 

Pier 39 Attraction Pass – 


Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze – 


Cruise Around Alcatraz –


Aquarium of the Bay Admission – 



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